uppsss..i forget!!!

tampaknya ada yang lupa deh setelah saya nerbitin blog ini..apa hayo???

yups…i forgot introduce myself,,ok frst of all my name adhadipraja..(so simple right???)actually i dunno the meaning of my name..but as i heard from my parent’s i was born exactly at Idul Adha (the sacrifices day) so my grandma said “namain aja adha” then my parent’s gimme name adha but i dunno the meaning of adhadipraja..and so my parent’s they dont even know why they gave the name their son’s like that..however my name is soo simple then i grow up as a simple boy right???

s1488071619_30041362_7179i was born in bandung 4th august 1988..i’m the third of seven (whadda big family!!) i have 2 old brother and 2 young brother and also have 2 young sister…i love them very much

i’ve been growing up in bandung,,i spend a half of my age in bandung..i’ve been studying from junior high school till now..i studied at fourteen junior high school (SMPN 14) i’ve got soooooo many experience of my life here,,,fisrt i could be the winner of any scout competition with my friend of course,,then i could go abroad to thailand (whadda beautiful experience , one that i couls never forget heuheue…aarrggghh)

then, after finishing my study at 14 junior high school i went on my study in Alfa Centauri senior high school,,i’ve also got so many experiece her..one that i could never forget is i got kindda best friendship here and i think the best ever!!!a lot of joy i was spend here..(miss u pal!!!!)

now,i’m studying at Bandung Institute of Technology and take Chemistry as my major,,i’m the thrid grade and insya Allah next year i will graduated from my college..(wow,,life is so short=> take from the lyric of Scorpion’s song)

what do i think of myself???

i dunno, but i think i’m kindda ordinary people that eat everyday,,take a breath every second,,going to campus,,do the assignment,,,got bad score for test (it’s just me hehehe),,,wanna know about something new,,,smiling everyday,,,gossiping another guy,,,and so on. but i think i’m kindda confidence person and sometimes little over,,,has nice smilling,,,good looking,,little bit narcis,,,easy going,,fotogenic (my friend said),,,like to meet someone new,,,adventorous (yes i like it..absolutely!!!!),,,good at “nyampah” heuheuheuehu…and many more!!

i think enough for describing myself,,wanna know more??? just introduce yourslef and i will preety happy introduce my self too..


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