welcome on wordpress..

yuhu..akhirnya ngebLog lagi setelah sekian lama gak posting bLog..actually this is my first blog at wordpress..and i wrote some of blogging at another site of blog provider (ga boleh nyebut merek!!!)but i feel senseless to write on,,so i try to change the blog provider to make my sense of writting improving better

arrrgghhh,today is not well as a few ago,,my body is still unwell,,i got a headache and a lilttle fever,,,it’s bring my mind to my little sister there,,she is sick right now and still in hospital,,,she got “types” whooaaa whadda poor her!!!

and today actually is her birthday,,when i got up this morning i called her then say “happy birthday” hm..i miss her,,waddawwww

but last call, she said that now she’s getting better..Alhamdulillah hope tomorrow she’s gonna be better..amiiinnn


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