Jagatkartta Temple’s Trip

A month ago, i joined Odong-Odong Traveler’s trip to Jagatkartta Trip. Jagatkartta Temple is located in Ciapus Bogor. Me, Amri, Puteri and Puteri’s friend gathered at Tanjung Barat Trains  Station as meeting point toward Bogor. The journey was about an hour to Bogor. Our meeting point was at Bogor Stations. We went to Ciapus by using rent car but unfortunatelly the car striked in the middle of our journey, so we had to change another car. Alhamdulillah it was quite easy to find another rent car there. We finally arrived at Ciapus. Because of the damaged roads, we had to walk about 1 Km to reach the Temple. After walking for about a half hour, we finally got to the Temple.

Bogor Train Station, our meeting point

Yes, we arrived at Jagatkartta Gate 🙂

I found it on the way

There are some rules for visitor before entering the Temple such as do not enter for the menstruation women, for cuntaka (mourn), a baby who is under 42 days after born, somebody who is mentally sick. In this Temple we also can not be allowed to make a noise.

Located on the downhill, Jagatkartta Temple has a good atmosphere especially for they who is going to meditation. The air is cool and the view is so beautiful. For information, this temple is the 2nd largest temple after Besakih Temple in Bali.

here they are…………………….

Ssstt..dont make a noise, they were praying

Bogor view

Offerings to the God’s

After visiting the temple, we went to find a local culinary at Jalan Suryakencana, Bogor. Unfortunatelly my camera batteries was insufficient so i couldnt take some of picture 😦


5 thoughts on “Jagatkartta Temple’s Trip

  1. wow………. the image is show a beautiful culture there. awesome, finally you can got there from bogor station by using a rent car, whatever you got to change another car but it won’t make you desperate to continue your journey. thanks for your information.

  2. Lama tak berkunjung kemari
    Apa kabar mas Adhadi?

    Jalan-jalannya makin seru nih mas..

    Anyway, itu di Bogor kok suasananya kayak di Bali ya mas..

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